A top-tier international oil company, Total is also a global gas and petrochemical operator. Today, in response to soaring energy demand, we are stepping up our expansion into solar and biomass. Going forward, we define ourselves as an energy company. Our mission is to enable as many people as possible to access energy. To do that we are counting first and foremost on oil and gas, which are far from being depleted. Our oil and gas activities range from exploration and production to refining, shipping and trading.

Choices to Help Us Diversify

We are also investing in renewable energies, opting to branch out into photovoltaic solar energy and biomass in particular. We have moved up our timeline for capital expenditure in those sectors, so that we can offer efficient, reliable solutions to partner fossil energies. Total is also a world-class chemical producer. We make polymers as well as fertilizers, leveraging our integrated business model to do so. We also produce specialty chemicals, an activity that encompasses elastomer processing, adhesives and electroplating.

Based in more than 130 countries, our some 96,000 employees produce the energy and products the world needs while putting into practice the four cornerstone behaviors of the Total Attitude:

Mutual support.

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